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FanArt From Fans

Glymyre Strix by H. Stacy

A great big thank you to H Stacy who does a hilarious thrice weekly webcomic called Pesky Gremlins!  It's about a trio of gremlins who spend their time tormenting a little guy who is completely clueless about their existence.  They are mischievous little varmints, but they also have their moments of compassion.  H also has a fantastic talent for technical and mechanical drawing which (I must admit) I'm quite envious of.  Go look at his comic!  Great work!  

Links to FanArt at DeviantArt

I did spend some time on DeviantArt, until I realized I was never going to get more than a handful of people supporting my work.  I saw that I could set up my own gallery at my own site for a lot less trouble.  Still, I haven't forgotten my friends over there, and here's some links to FanArt on that site:
Pug Attack at Sunrise Springs by bscruffy
Pacherricka by AngelWarriorQueen

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