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FanArt That I Confess I Diddit

Gremlin FanArt 1

H Stacy does a hilarious thrice weekly webcomic called Pesky Gremlins!  It's about a trio of gremlins who spend their time tormenting a little guy who is completely clueless about their existence.  They are mischievous little varmints, but they also have their moments of compassion.  


J.P. Keslensky (one of the nicest guys in webcomics) does a wonderful twice weekly comic called BugPudding!  It's has a nostalgic feel for me as it is in the style of the syndicated Pogo strip created by Walt Kelly.  It could certainly be considered a 'gag a day' comic as there is always a punch line in each update, but he can also spin a yarn and tell a good story over several pages.  I especially like his parodies of vintage movies.  

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