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About The Artist/Writer

RG, (or he who refers to himself in third person) was born in Texas back in 1958, but spent most of his childhood in South Carolina. He began drawing before he could walk and never stopped working at it. At the age of five, he and his mother joined his father in Germany, and lived there until he was eight years old. Then they lived in Missouri until they returned to SC when he was ten years old. RG was bilingual for a short time, but sadly forgot the German he learned while overseas.
After high school, RG attended the University of SC, where he received an Associate’s degree in Art and Education, and later a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.
In 1980, he got a job as a route salesman, (way to use that degree, right?) and married his wife, who he had met a year earlier in Charleston. His eldest son was born in 1981.
After that, he pulled two hitches in the USAF, where he worked on weather sensing equipment, (to include weather radar) and was trained in electronic and digital technology. During this time, he and his family were stationed in Spain for four years where his younger son was born. While there, RG learned to speak Castilian Spanish, but (like the German he learned) forgot it in later years. After Spain, he was stationed in Florida for four years, where his daughter was born.
After being honorably discharged, he and his family moved back to South Carolina. There, he worked at a variety of positions but the longest held were that of a die cutter and later, a graphic designer.
Then, in 2000 he was disabled from multiple sclerosis and bed ridden for a year and a half. During that time, he wrote Tiny Courage and taught himself how to design web pages. In 2005, he launched the webcomics: When Foxes Fly, and Lost Legends of Whoelterran, which were retired in 2018. That same year, he launched "Glymyre Tales".  All of RG's works are presented from a Christian perspective and RG can best be described as a Charismatic Baptist.

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