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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Rg's 2Cents Leveling Up With Animation

Years ago, I went to college as a media artist with the hopes of becoming an animator.  Sadly, doors did not open for me and I wound up chasing a living like I had never gone to college at all.  I never had money to pursue my craft until technology caught up and produced inexpensive equipment I could afford.  Now, I think I can follow that dream.  

Well, my doctor's appointment today was disappointing.  The doctor I was supposed to see was out of town, and the doctor I wound up seeing did not know anything about my condition.  This end was handled by civilians and my wife and I agree that they should have rescheduled.  Veteran's Affairs would have rescheduled right away.  My VA doctor is probably going to be fit to be tied, especially since the VA is going to have to pay for this.  Hoping for the best.  

Thanks for watching.

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