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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Issue 1 Page 50.1


  Chirard took the worst hits in the battle with the strix so he is in bad need of medical attention. Speaking of such, I was planning on starting posts again in January, but had to fight a monster of a sinus infection for most of the month. I'm not in good health to begin with, so I went through a terrific battle trying to get back to just sitting at my desk. Still, I thank The Good Lord Who gets me through all my trials and with His Help I hope to start up a good work schedule for all my projects. We'll go with 1 and 2 panel posts twice a week and see how that does. If you want to see the comic in its graphic novel format, I'll publish a comic book version in the future. That'll be in black and white to reduce the cost, but I plan to have a color version on Kindle as well.


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